Halloween Bash (2)


During the week of September 10, the City of Rockport’s Public Works Department will change the type of disinfectant used in the water supply to kill bacteria in the drinking water and water pipe system and provide a reliable disinfectant residual throughout all points in the distribution system.  Typically, the City uses chloramines, but is undertaking this method to keep the level of residuals up and reduce the need of flushing the system, which results in a waste of water.  Click here for PDF copy of release and Q&A


This past year, in collaboration with Texas Sea Grant at Texas A&M University, the Aransas County Long Term Recovery Team (LTRT) and all jurisdictions within the County have drafted an Aransas County Long Term Recovery Action Plan and Report. The Report was written to lay out a plan to detail our actions after Hurricane Harvey and to document the challenges we faced along the way in the Long Term Recovery process. The Aransas County Long Term Recovery Action Plan Report’s final draft has been posted for public comment.  Click here for the link.  Please note that it is a very large document and will take some time to load.  You do not have to join Dropbox to view.

Click here for list of registered contractors

ALL CONTRACTORS must register with the Building Department.  Visit the Rockport Service Center on the Bypass 35 to register.


For an updated list of attractions, hotels, restaurants, retailers and businesses that are currently open. Click here for a list that is continually updated.

Due to hurricane damage to City Hall and other buildings, many of the departments have been relocated.

  • Finance, 
  • City Manager 
  • City Secretary 
  • Human Resources 
  • Mayor 

Rockport Service Center located at 2751 Hwy 35 Bypass, on the west access road between Pearl and Market 

  • Municipal Court     
  • Parks
  • Utility Billing
  • Utility Customer Service                                              

402 E. Laurel in the former service center

Building, IT, Natural Gas, Public Safety, Public Works, Street and Water Departments have not changed location.