Mayor Patrick R. 'Pat' Rios was born October 1, 1950, and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He attended Holy Cross High School, San Antonio College (summers; general studies), Texas A&M University, College Station (Zoology), and St. Mary's University, San Antonio (Business Administration).

In 1971, Pat founded Down Under, a men's and ladies' clothing boutique. In 1975, he opened a second store in North Star Mall, and followed with a third in 1976, located in Universal City, Texas. In 1978, he sold the business and started a career in the health care industry.

Health Care Industry Career

He began as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Kremers-Urban Company. After nine months, he was promoted to District Manager and moved to Dallas. He began hiring and training sales representatives in a seven-state territory. After a year and a half, he was promoted to Regional Manager and transferred to Chicago, where he was responsible for a 29-state region. He also taught classes in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical sales, and marketing.

In 1984, Pat joined a Johnson & Johnson Company and worked in the dental appliance industry. He moved back to San Antonio and began as a sales representative. Within a year, he was promoted to District Manager and began hiring and training sales representatives in a seven-state area.

In 1987, Pat was recruited by a major health insurance company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Delivered Pharmacy Services, a fledgling managed care pharmacy provider, and transferred back to Chicago. In this capacity, he was responsible for attempting to manage and control rising out-patient prescription costs.

In 1989, Pat and two partners co-founded DrugCard, Incorporated, a third-party prescription benefits management company located in Naperville, Illinois. He was responsible for operations, including clinical services, customer service, IT, human resources, accounting, reporting, and client outreach. He also performed sales, marketing, and financial duties. In 2007, the company was sold and Pat joined the acquiring company as Senior Vice President and General Manager of BeneScripts, a division of HealthTrans, LLC. Pat retired in 2010 and moved full-time to Rockport.


Pat and his wife, Patricia Ann, met in 1967, and were married in 1972. Pat and Patty have always vacationed and week-ended at the coast. They have five children: Patrick Brian and quadruplets Michael, Matthew, Catherine, and Lauren.

Current Service

Pat's previous experience working with municipalities and county governments piqued his interest in community service and desire to serve on the Rockport City Council. He served as Ward 3 Council and Mayor Pro-Tem from 2012-2018. During that time, he was liaison to the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Board, Coastal Bend Council of Governments and Aransas Pathways.

Mayor Rios Patrick R. "Pat" Rios

Elected May 2018

Ward 3 Council and Mayor Pro-Tem
May 2012 - May 2018

2020 State of the City