Council Member Ward #1

Katy Jackson, Council Member for Ward 1, permanently moved to Rockport, TX in December 2015 after completing a 26 year Naval career.  Her children, Erik and Karl, moved to Rockport in 2009.

 Katy’s main objective while serving on the City Council is to represent everyone in Ward 1.  She is looking forward to working with the Rockport Center for the Arts, South Rockport Neighbors, Aransas County Navigation District and the businesses and people who give Ward 1 its vitality.   Ward 1 First, Voters Always!

She has extensive experience in leadership starting in 1994 and culminating with her retirement January 2016.  Some notable positions held:  Leading Chief Petty Officer for Combat Systems Administration at Service School Command, Great Lakes; Leading Chief Petty Officer for Exterior Communications on two aircraft carriers; Leading Chief Petty Officer for Radar and Navigation on two aircraft carriers, Ground Electronic Maintenance Officer at Naval Air Station Meridian, MS; the first female enlisted Junior Officer of the Deck (Underway) onboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72); the first female enlisted Command and Control Officer onboard USS FRANK CABLE (AS 40).  Her capstone achievement was as the Work Control Leading Chief Petty Officer during two fast-paced shipyard maintenance availabilities onboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN73) where she was able to lead eight maintenance organizations and ship’s personnel to an on time and under budget availability, the first in nuclear aircraft history.

 Strong belief in service drives Katy’s volunteer activities.  The Commander of Stewart-Wendell Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3904, Katy provides leadership and direction to a 100 member Post in service to veterans and the community.  An avid dog lover, Katy has seven dogs and volunteers with Another Chance RFT by driving dogs from Aransas County Animal Control to animal rescues and/or fosters around the great State of Texas.

Jackson ward 1

Katy Jackson

Elected May 2021