Mission Statement

We shall:

  • Conduct crime prevention surveys and present crime prevention programs to organizations, associations or citizen groups;
  • Answer calls for service from the public and take appropriate and necessary action to provide requested services in non-criminal incidents, and conduct complete and thorough criminal investigations in criminal cases;
  • File criminal cases with appropriate prosecutors and seek and serve warrants on those who commit offenses;
  • Conduct investigations into drug trafficking in our community and identify, arrest and file criminal charges on those involved in drug sales, delivery, manufacture or possession.
  • In criminal cases, when permitted by statute and when deemed appropriate under existing fact situations, seize property of criminal suspects and seek forfeiture of that property to the Rockport Police Department, through the proper courts.
  • Conduct routine traffic patrol and take appropriate enforcement action when we observe traffic violations, investigate traffic accidents, and file required reports related to such incidents.
  • Conduct all official business of the department with the highest degree of professionalism and courtesy possible and appropriate under the circumstances existing at the time and in accordance with departmental and city policy.