Mayor's Message

April 2, 2020

First, let us clear the air – there are NO confirmed cases of coronavirus in the county.  The posting made on the Texas Department of Health Services’ map on March 30th was erroneous. It has been corrected ... and other web sites posting maps will be making these changes when they do their updates. We do not know why or how this happened. It’s been corrected.

We realize that it caused both a sense of panic and frustration among our residents. As always, we will be forthcoming when we have factual information to share.

Last night, Judge Mills was informed by the restructuring corporation that the Code3 facility in Rockport would be closed as of 7 am this morning.

While there are some that are not taking this pandemic seriously, your elected officials and healthcare professionals certainly are. On March 10 there were 111,362 reported cases internationally.  As of 10:15 today, the number is 962,977 and the United States remains on the top of the list of most cases.

On Monday, the three entities issued an Amended Stay at Home Order.  The Governor issued it statewide yesterday.

If you didn’t read or hear about the Amended local order, the information is available on our respective web sites.  The major components are Section 1(h) the closing of public boat ramps, piers and bulkheads;  Section 1(b) the prohibition of any short-term rental locations entering into any new agreements, leases, or reservations covering the effective period of this Order until this Order is expired, amended, replaced or removed; and Section 1(d) which prohibit social gatherings of ANY number, who do not reside together, outside a single household or residential unit. It’s essential that we be fluid in response to changes.  Please remember that we cannot solve this without your help.

On Sunday, the President officially extended social distancing guidelines until April 30.  Governor Abbott has issued two new Executive Orders to protect public safety and further combat the spread of COVID-19 in Texas. Additionally, he has announced that Texas publics schools will not resume until May 4.

In the first Executive Order (GA-12), the Governor mandated a 14-day quarantine for road travelers arriving in Texas from any location in Louisiana. This mandated quarantine will not apply to travel related to commercial activity, military service, emergency response, health response, or critical infrastructure functions.

In the second Executive Order (GA-13), the Governor prohibited the release of individuals in custody for or with a history of offenses involving physical violence or the threat of physical violence. This Executive Order comes in response to concerns of the release or anticipated release of individuals because of COVID-19 who are deemed a danger to society.

An earlier proclamation mandating a self-quarantine for individuals arriving from the New York Tri-State area and New Orleans has been expanded to include the states of California, Louisiana and Washington, as well as the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Miami. 

Many local essential services, like the Transfer Station, are implementing their own social distancing policies.  We ask that you be patient under these extraordinary circumstances.  And, if you’re in a line or shopping in a store, please self-police with social distancing to keep yourself safe.

This is a bigger fight than Harvey -- and an invisible one at that.  We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, and friends and neighbors in the community to do whatever it takes to stop the spread of this insidious virus.

As a reminder, The Order continues until 11:59 pm on April 14

Remember -- through facts, not fear we’ll come through it.

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