Aransas County Facilities - What's Open or Closed

Judge Mills then announced that he had already authorized the tax office and the Roads & Bridges Dept. to close to the public, and planned to close the courthouse complex to the public at noon today (March 23). The public can still make appointments for urgent business, but will have to be met by the person accepting the appointment and escorted in the building. The courts are cancelling as many hearings as possible; county court at law jury trials, for instances, are suspended through April. The state district courts are obligated to go ahead with some kinds of hearings and are working on alternative safety procedures, which may include teleconferencing, but clearly there will be a push to dismiss or continue as many matters as possible. The Election Office will close to the public. Animal Control already has closed to the public and is strongly discouraging, if not prohibiting, the surrender of animals, especially since there is no medical need for it.